Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekend get together dinner

Had guests over this weekend and I cooked up various dishes. Took some pictures and want to post them here with the recipes so that all can enjoy. Trust me the recipes were easy and the final product tasted great.

First up is the easy breezy Green Chutney (hirvi chutney)
Lasun / Garlic 8-10 cloves

Mirchi/Green Chillies 4-6 (i used the thin tiny green chillies they are really hot)

Kothimbir / Coriander leaves (1 / 1.5 bunch of coriander leaves washed thoroughly)

Dane koot /Peanut powder (1 tbsp)

Mith /Salt (to taste)

Sakhar /Sugar (2 tsp)

Jira / Cumin (1 tbsp)

Limbu ras / Lemon juice (quarter lemon)

Recipe: Put all the ingredients except lemon in a blender and whirl. Take out and stir in the lemon juice and done.

You can have this chutney to make chutney sandwiches, along with idlis, roti/tortillas or as an accompaniment with anything.

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