Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fish Fry

Fish fry is another easy dish to prepare. I got Tilapia fish from Costco and the fish had no bones :)... so easy to savor.
This recipe involves lot of Indian spices. I have tried and written the subsitutes but have never used them myself since my aai (mother) always makes sure I have her homemade spices in my kitchen, how lucky am I :)

Korda khobra / Dry coconut powder
Tikhat (mane) masala (substitute with any hot bbq spice)
Goda masala (substitute with any mild spice)
Aala / Ginger
Lasun / Garlic
Mith / Salt
Chincha kol / Tamarind paste
Turmeric and Salt to clean the fish.
Fine Semolina powder (barik rava) or Bread crumbs

Recipe: Mix salt and turmeric with water and wash the fish with this. This will clean it thoroughly (and I feel safe to eat it that way :) ).
Make a paste out of ginger and garlic. Mix it with coconut powder, tamarind paste, goda masala, spicy masala and salt.
Apply the paste to the fish and let sit for half an hour.
Spray pan with Pam or use oil for shallow fry. Dip each fish piece in semolina or bread crumbs and place on the pan. Fry till golden brown.

Serve with green chutney.

You can alternately bake the fish or grill it but it is the frying that gives the best taste :)

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